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"...The painting, a little over eight feet long and six feet tall, is the centerpiece of the show..."
– Aileen Jacobson, The New York Times, December 11, 2015

” …Don Perlis: Narrative Reborn is a truly amazing exhibition…”
– Victoria Donohoe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, October 28, 2011

” The Don Perlis: Narrative Reborn Exhibition… celebrates the career of Perlis…”
– Martha Steger, Arrive Magazine, December 2011

”...Don Perlis and his humanist aesthetic vision will prevail…”
– Raymond J. Steiner, ART TIMES, August 2011

“Don Perlis opera pictures are grand performances…”
– Donald Kuspit, “New Old Masters,” National Museum in Gdansk, 1999

“Perlis is a major magical realist…”
– Donald Kuspit – Catalogue Essay, 2007

“Can You Still become an old master a the age of 28”
– Stephen A Kurtz, ARTnews, March 1970

” The younger revisionist figurative painters did not go through an abstractionist phase”
– Jim Monte, "22 Realists," The Whitney Museum of American Art, 1970

” A new metaphor for the act of painting”
– Geritt Henry, Art In America, 2000

” Qualities that can be conveyed in paint only by masters”
– Marianne Hancock, Arts Magazine, 1971

“One of the most beautiful evocations of a New York subject that I have seen in years”
– Lawrence Campbell, Art In America, April 1996

“A statement that is both extremely personal and contemporary as well”
– Ruth Bass Arts Magazine, 1980

“Don Perlis understands that history is myth writ large”
– Gerrard Haggerty, COVER Magazine, May 1993

“Paints the female nude as though she were the newest of revelations…”
– John Gruen, New York Magazine, October 1971

“A cozy priveledged shut in area”
– Linda Nochlin, San Antonio Museum Of Art

“Don Perlis is one of the most important figurative painters at work…”
– Jed Perl, Columbia Spectator, October 7, 1971

” A talent engaged in large tasks”
– Hilton Kramer, The New York Times, September 12, 1980

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